5 Simple Tips For Maintaining Your Car

There is a bad habit most people exhibit that crushes their car efficiency and forces them to pay through their nose to keep their car in good state. Do you know that simple and frequent car maintenance checks and services can actually reduce burden and cost of owning a car?

The thought of car maintenance shouldn’t be a great challenge. There are many car maintenance guides that can help you keep your car sound throughout its service life.

1, all your lights should work. The first thing you should do is to get all your lights functioning at its best. These lights include brake lights, emergency flashers and turn signals. Frequent checking of this doesn’t have to take much time; it could be when you are filling up your tank.

2, tire Services. Your car tires must be sound and strong because they carry the weight of the car. You have to regularly look out for bulges, cuts, nails, or even any other sticking objects. In the same vein, you should take your car to your serviceman to check tire pressures. This regular check can be once in every month.

3, state of oil. How often do you check your oil? It’s proper to have frequent inspection of your oil probably every morning before you are out. Importantly, you have to change your oil and filter oil in every three months.

Remember this should be applicable to your battery. And on your air filter, as soon as it gets dirty, must be changed. The serviceman who took care of your oil can do the same.

4, what’s the gauge of your windshield washer fluid? You need to keep reservoir of your windshield washer fluid full. You can simply screw off the cap and pour wiper fluid. You can check it any time even when filling up your tank at the gas station. Always keep your bug guts; wiper blade, etc, clean with a rag soaked in a windshield washer fluid.

5, are there any leakages or funny smells? It is your responsibility to always check to see if there is any fluid leakage from your car and get it serviced at once. In the same vein, wafting of odor indicates that there is something wrong with the car; if you smell any strange odor from your car, quickly visit your serviceman.
Simple car maintenance checks and problem ratification can save you great cost.

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