MOT Test Garages: What to Look Out For

Your car coming up towards its MOT? Like any precious item you own, you want it to be safe and in trustworthy hands. A suitable MOT garage should always be up to the government standard, as well as be suitable to your needs as a driver and customer. A good MOT test garage will always give you a good service, an accurate MOT and will look after your car, which is exactly what you want. 

All certified test garages should have the three interlocking white triangles (with a blue background) sign, which demonstrates that they are in fact a vehicle testing garage approved by the Department of Transport. This symbol proves that they are able to carry out an MOT legally on their premises.

There are a number of other things to take notice of in a test garage, which could affect the condition of your car or the outcome of the MOT. First of all check out the space which has been allotted to MOT testing. The test area and observation room should be completely cut off from any other car services room by a permanent or semi-permanent wall or divider, so that the MOT can be completed in peace without any interference. The room must also be free of oil contamination, emissions, fumes, pollution and noise from any other room – this is so that the MOT is accurate and measures the condition of only your car and not anyone else’s.

The MOT test garage should also have the appropriate inspection facilities, so that any part of the car can be easily accessed. Underside access is considered necessary to complete an accurate MOT test, so a garage must have this in order to test the car adequately.

Before any MOT test the equipment should be laid out properly, so that the testing process is effective and accurate. It will allow the mechanic to work speedily and effectively in a process driven way, so that no part of the test is forgotten. It will also make sure that nothing else within the garage will affect your quality of MOT.

Moreover, make sure there is suitable access to the garage. It should be easy to get into and leave with almost nearly any size of car – and most of all should be safe. Off-road parking should also be available.

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